Customizing the execution columns

You can customize the data that's displayed in your executions tab by editing the displayed columns. Default columns contain an asterisk.   
Column Description
Time placed*
Indicates when the order is entered on the platform.  

Displays the requested action. Examples:

  • Buy (long equities) – BUY
  • Sell (long equities) – SELL
  • Short (short equities) – SHRT
  • Cover (short equities) – COV
  • Buy-to-Open (long options) – BTO
  • Sell to-Close (long options) – STC
  • Buy-to-Close (short options) – BTC
  • Sell-to-Open (short options) – STO
Symbol Name of the stock or options symbol.
Description Symbol description.
Fill qty*
Quantity that has been filled/executed. This figure will not exceed the total quantity.

Acronym for a specific order type. Examples:

  • Market – MKT
  • Limit – LMT
Price Price associated with the order. For example: the limit price for limit orders
Fill price*
Price that the filled quantity is based on. This is available if an order is filled or partially filled. If there are multiple fills at multiple prices, the Filled Price is calculated using average cost (Total Cost/Filled Qty).

Acronym for time in force. Examples:

  • Day – DAY
  • Good-til-Cancelled – GTC
  • Good-til-Extended-Market – GTEM
  • Immediate or Cancel – IOC
  • Fill or Kill – FOK
Total value*
Total cost of the execution. (It includes price and commission)
Comm. Commission charged on the execution
Total fees
Sum of all commissions charged on executions.
Currency Domicile currency of the symbol used in the order.
ECN fees ECN/TSX fees charged on the execution.
Exec time Time stamp that indicates when the execution occurred at the  market. Or, if this was manually entered, the time-date stamp of when the adjustment was made.
Execution ID Unique execution ID that is assigned by Questrade for each execution.
Execution ID (exch) Unique identifier that we receive back from the exchange when an order is sent.
Notes When enabled, allows notes to be included with each specific order. This field can be modified after the order is sent/executed.
Order ID Unique identifier that we assign to all orders entered into the system.
Order ID (exchange) Unique execution ID that is received from the exchange at the time of execution.
Parent ID For advanced orders (Trailing Stop). It identifies the Order ID of the order responsible for the child orders.
Pri route Primary route that is entered with the order.
Qty Total amount of quantity for the order that has been placed.
SEC Fee SEC fee charged on the execution.
Secondary route Secondary route that is entered with the order.
Sec  type Type of security based on the symbol.
Source Exact origin of the order: IQ Essential, IQ Web, IQ Edge, IQ Mobile, or Special (if the order was created by a Questrade agent). 
Special Instructions Displays any special instructions, which are separated by commas.
Venue (actual) Venue where the order was matched against another.
Venue (sent) Venue where the order was sent to.
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