Grouping positions

  1. In the main toolbar, click Accounts to open the Account window.

  2. The Account window opens. Click the Positions tab. By default, all positions (stock and single leg option positions) will be displayed without any grouping.

  3. You can group the positions based on the underlying symbol. To group positions:

    1. Select the Group underlying checkbox. All positions with the same underlying symbol will be grouped together. The grouping will consist of:

      Position grouping

      1. Parent or summary row representing the underlying symbol

      2. Child row(s) representing the stocks and single leg options for the underlying symbol

         a non-quotable security icon  will be displayed beside expired strategies or strategy legs to indicate that they can no longer be quoted.

    2. Clear the Group underlying checkbox to undo the grouping.

Note: once grouped, you can click Expand in front of the parent or summary row to view the child row(s).

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