Viewing all positions

  1. In the main toolbar, click Accounts.

  2. Click the Positions tab. All open and closed positions for the current trading day will be displayed in ascending order (oldest position at the top).

    • Single-leg adjusted options will be displayed with a '*' in the symbol column of the position row. Use the tooltip to get more information about the adjusted options position.
    • For quarterly options, the exact expiry date will be displayed in the symbol column of the position row.

By default positions are sorted based on the symbol column. 

The price column will be calculated differently, depending on the market hours and the type of position that you currently hold (long or short). 

 Please refer to the following table for details:
Market hours Held position Displayed value in price column 
Pre-market hours Long or short position Last close price
Standard market hours Long position Bid price
Standard market hours Short position Ask price
Post-market hours Long or short position Last trade price
Weekends/holidays Long or short position Last close price
Note: if you are receiving delayed data, a market data entitlement indicator Market data entitlement indicator will appear next to the symbol name. To learn more, see Market data entitlement indicators.

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