Alerts enable you to monitor securities you're interested in and receive automatic notifications, based on the security's price change, volume change, and 52-week high or low. Alerts are triggered when customizable conditions and performance criteria have been met. They can also be triggered when orders are executed, cancelled, or rejected. 

Types of alerts

There are two types of alerts available in IQ Edge:

Alert type Description
Custom  Alerts can be manually created for individual securities based on price, volume, and 52-week high or low criteria. 
Smart  Alerts are automatically created for all your held positions, plus any securities you enter in your new watch lists.

Notification methods

You can select from a wide range of notification methods, including emails, pop-up messages, audio alerts, flashing indicators, and SMS (short message service) texts. 

Note: SMS alerts are only available for standard alert messages.

Alert indicators

If you set up a standard alert for a symbol, an alert icon  appears next to the symbol in your watch list, as well as the main window or volume area of a chart. You can quickly edit or delete a custom alert by hovering over  and selecting from additional options.

 no alert icons are displayed for active smart alerts. 

Alert durations 

You can also customize the duration of active custom alerts and whether the alert – both custom and smart – is active during pre- or post-market trading hours.

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