Modifying a custom alert's notification preferences

To modify an individual alert's notification preferences:

  1. In the main window, click the Alerts icon. The Alert status window opens.

  2. Click the alert you want to edit. A dialog box opens, showing the selected alert's settings and collapsed notification preferences.

  3. Expand the alert's notification preferences (as shown below).

  4. Modify the individual alert's notification methods and duration as necessary:

    Note: you can edit the email 1, email 2, or SMS number fields for an individual alert from the global alert preferences. However, please be aware that modifying the email addresses or SMS number will change the settings for all active and new alerts.

    Notification method Description
    Email 1 Select this checkbox to receive your alerts at the primary email address you specified in the global alert preferences
    Email 2 Select this checkbox to receive your alerts at a secondary email address you specified in the global alert preferences
    SMS Select this checkbox to receive a text message alert at the cell phone number you set in the global alert preferences.
    Audio Select this checkbox to receive an audio alert. You can specify a different sound for each individual alert that will override the sounds set in the global alert preferences.
    Alert duration Description
    Active for 1 year If selected, alerts will remain active for one year, unless the alert is triggered first. Triggered alerts will be moved to the Triggered tab, but can be easily reactivated. 

    Note: this option will be selected by default.
    Active until date If you want to manually specify how long your alert will remain active, select this option and enter the date using this format: MM/DD/YYYY. You can also select a date by clicking . Your alert will remain active until the specified date, unless it is triggered first, after which it will be moved to the Triggered tab.
    Outside trading hours  Select this option to receive alert notifications if the alert is triggered during pre-market or extended market trading hours.

  5. Click Activate to make this alert active for the specified duration.
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