Modifying or deleting an active custom alert

You can modify or delete an active alert from the main toolbar or directly within a chart.

Modifying or deleting an alert from the main toolbar

  1. In the main window, click the Alerts icon. The Alert status window opens.

  2. Select the Active status tab:

  3. To modify an alert, click  and edit the alert settings and notification preferences as desired. To delete an alert, click .

Modifying or deleting an alert from a chart

  1. In the main toolbar, click Chart

  2. In the chart's symbol lookup field, type the symbol of the active alert you want to modify or delete.

    • To modify an alert, hover over the alert's horizontal line until it becomes red and a crosshair appears and then drag and drop the alert to its new position.

    • After moving the horizontal line, a dialog appears to confirm you want to modify the alert. Click Accept.

    • To delete the alert, hover over the alert icon and click the X.

Tip: the  icon appears next to a symbol in your watch lists if a corresponding alert has been created. Click  to open the Alerts tab to quickly view alert statuses, reactivate alerts, or delete alerts.

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