Setting up your global alert preferences

The global alert preferences allow you to set up default settings for all new and existing alerts. Although you have limited control over some preferences for individual custom alerts, most of your alert preferences are controlled within the Alerts tab.

To set up your global alert preferences for both custom and smart alerts:

  1. In the main window, click File > User preferences. The user preferences window opens.
  2. Click the Alerts tab. Then define the settings accordingly and click OK.

(A) Details

Alert setting Description
Email 1 Specify the primary email address where you want alert notifications and confirmation messages to be sent.

Note: if you're experiencing issues receiving alert emails in your Hotmail account, please see this FAQ.
Email 2 Enter a secondary email address where you want alerts and confirmations messages to be sent. Adding a secondary email provides you with a backup in case you lose access to your primary email address (e.g. if your listed email 1 address is your work email, and you change jobs). 
(cellular phone number) 
Specify the cellular phone number where you want SMS text messages to be sent. Standard SMS rates may apply. 

Note: SMS text messages can be used with custom alerts only.

(B) Order alerts

Alert setting Description
Order executed
Order cancelled
Order rejected
Select the email 1, email 2, and/or SMS checkboxes to control how you want to be notified when orders are successfully executed, cancelled, or rejected. 

If you want a pop-up message to appear in the platform and fade out on its own, select the Pop-up checkbox. 

Note: this selection does not override confirmation message settings for order status. The rejected/failed order confirmation messages require acknowledgement and need to be closed manually.

Select the audio checkbox to choose a default sound to associate with executed, cancelled, and rejected orders. Make sure to adjust the volume preferences on your computer to ensure sounds are audible.

Note: you can select none or as many notification methods as desired. If a notification method is not selected, alerts will not be sent for orders.

(C) Custom/smart alerts (notification methods)

Alert setting Description
Receive smart alerts  Select this checkbox to receive automatic notifications related to securities you currently hold in your account or are monitoring in you watch lists based on modifiable criteria. Alert notifications are delivered to your email inbox.

Note: smart alert notifications are sent to the primary account holder's email only. Authorized traders will not receive any notifications. 

To turn off smart alerts, deselect this checkbox. 
Blink indicator
(all alerts)
Select this checkbox if you do not want to be disturbed while you are using IQ Edge, but would still like to receive notifications in the background when an alert is triggered.

When a new alert is triggered, the icon in the toolbar blinks. If the toolbar is hidden, an alert indicator appears at the bottom of the status bar.

Note: if selected, this setting is enabled for all active and new alerts.
Pop-up (all alerts) When a new alert is triggered, a pop-up message appears in the platform and fades out unless the Show pop-ups until manually closed checkbox has been selected. 

Note: this option is enabled by default. If selected, this setting is enabled for all active and new alerts.
Show pop-ups until manually closed (all alerts) Select this checkbox to have alert pop-up windows stay visible on the screen until you manually close them. If multiple pop-up windows open, the most recent pop-up will be the one that's visible.
Price alerts
Volume alerts
52 wk alerts
Select the email 1, email 2, and/or SMS checkboxes to control how you want to be notified when price alerts are triggered. By default, a notification method is not selected.   

Note: multiple checkboxes can be selected.

(D) Alert durations (custom alerts only)

By default, any alert you create remains active for one year, unless it is triggered first, after which the alert is moved to a cancelled state. To customize the duration of an individual standard alert, see Modify an individual alert's notification preferences.

Note: you can customize alert durations for standard alerts only. Smart alerts remain active until you turn them off.

Alert setting Description
Price alerts
Volume alerts
52 wk alerts
Select the Outside trading hours checkbox to receive price, volume, and 52-week alert notifications during pre- and post-market hours.

Note: the Outside trading hours checkbox for volume alerts is enabled by default. Pre-market hours only apply to U.S. securities.
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