Selecting smart alert trigger criteria

You can select from a wide range of pre-defined trigger conditions for your smart alerts, which help to cover most market event signals for your positions and securities you have in your watch lists.

Note: you will not receive smart alert notifications for securities under $1 and options. Only the underlying symbols are included.

By default, three conditions are enabled: +10% and -10% price movements, as well as high volume days where volume is higher than two times the 20-day average.
Note: ensure you meet the following pre-requisites before selecting your smart alert trigger criteria:

To select your smart alert trigger criteria: 

  1. In the main toolbar, click Alerts.

  2. In the alerts window, under the active tab, all your smart and custom alerts are displayed. Smart alerts are denoted using  and the smart alert note.

  3. Click  beside the watch list or account you want to modify. By default, three conditions are enabled: +10% and -10% price changes, plus securities traded at twice the 20-day moving average volume. The smart alerts filter window opens.

  4. Select the Accounts tab to modify smart alerts for positions within a specific account, or select Watch lists to modify smart alerts for an individual watch list. In this example, smart alert conditions are being chosen for a specific account.

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