Adding or removing annotations

Adding an annotation

You can draw annotations directly on the main chart, or any of the study areas, including the volume area.

To add an annotation:

  1. In the main toolbar, click Chart to open the Chart window.

  2. In the Chart window, select Drawings and choose the annotation you want to add to your chart.

  3. After selecting the type of annotation you want to add to the chart, your cursor transforms to the selected active tool. Move your cursor along the area of the chart you want to draw on. 

    Note: the icon Active tool in front of the drawing button signifies the active tool. 

Note: for drawings that require more than two points (for example Fibonacci extensions) ensure that you click the appropriate number of times to initialize the drawing.

Removing an annotation

To hide or remove all annotations from a chart:

  1. Hover over the drawing you want to remove until the drawing becomes activated.

  2. Then right-click the drawing and select Remove <drawing name>

Tip: to quickly hide or remove all drawings from a chart, right-click anywhere in the chart, and select Hide all drawings or Remove all drawings.

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