Editing an annotation

To edit a chart annotation:

  1. Hover over the drawing until it becomes active. An active drawing will become highlighted.

  2. Right-click the drawing and select Edit <drawing > on the pop-up menu. An edit properties window for that drawing appears. The following table describes the properties you can edit.
Note: since some properties are specific to a drawing, not all properties below will be applicable to the annotation you're editing.

Property Description
Price line Select the colour, line style, and line weight to use for your drawing. 
Date/time Select the start and end date/time points you want to use for your drawing.

Note: click the calendar icon Calendar icon to select dates from the calendar.
Remove  For the drawings that support deleting individual elements such as a line or a level, click the X button button for that element to remove.
Add <element> For drawings that support adding a new element such as a line or level, click Add <element>. This feature also lets you define the properties for the new element.
Percentage  In the percentage column, the % field lets you edit or enter new percentage ratios for any element in the drawing with the exception of the trendline. 
(for trendline drawings only)

Extend trendline to left or Extend trendline to right 

Select these checkboxes to extend the trendline beyond the start or end points to infinity.
(for fibonacci drawings only)
Extension line
Extension price
Extension date/time
For the Fibonacci extensions drawing, select the Extension line checkbox to customize the properties for the third point in the drawing. Select the Extension price and Extension date/time checkboxes to adjust the price and timelines for the extended third point in the drawing.
Set as default  Select this checkbox if you want these settings to be your default properties for the chart window. The next time you open this window, your new default settings will automatically appear. 
Restore defaults  To revert to the original factory settings, click the drop-down arrow  and select Restore defaults  to revert to your default settings or Restore factory defaults.
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