Chart frequency and dynamic range

The dynamic range feature takes four key elements into account – (a) price data units (PDUs), (b) range and frequency, (c) range, and (d) chart preview – and automatically adjusts the chart to provide you with the best viewing experience. 

When you open a new chart tab, the PDU size and spacing will be based on the size of the window. For example, if you modify the size of the main graph area by resizing the window or removing one or both sidebars, the PDU size and spacing will be optimized automatically. 

By default, the frequency will be set to 5 minutes. You can change the visible range using the slider bars at the bottom of the chart, or by selecting the (a) range and (b) frequency value from the drop-down menu.

Changing the frequency or range will always result in the display of data relative to today's date.

The chart preview area displays all the data that is currently available for the selected frequency. Data is pre-loaded behind the scenes, allowing chart data to be updated seamlessly whenever the visible range is modified.

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