Chart hotkeys

Use the following hotkeys to quickly navigate within a chart.
 Hotkey  Description

This hotkey allows you to:

  • remove the active drawing
  • activate the Pointer tool
  • return the drawing being moved to its original location

Mouse Wheel Down,
Left Arrow


Page down
Scroll backwards.

Mouse Wheel Up,
Right Arrow


Page up
Scroll forward.
Shift + Mouse Wheel Down,
*Shift + Left Arrow*
Scroll the chart back by one unit.
Shift + Mouse Wheel Up,
*Shift + Right Arrow*
Scroll the chart forward by one unit.
Ctrl + Mouse Wheel Up,
Zoom in by 2x.
Ctrl + Mouse Wheel Down,
Zoom out by 2x.
= Zoom to fit the screen.
Right Button, Menu Key Bring up the pop-up menu.
Delete, Backspace Remove the drawing from the chart.
Home Scroll to the beginning of the time range.
End  Scroll to the end of the time range.
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