Crosshair types

By default, the cursor will switch to crosshair mode when it is inside the chart or volume areas of the chart window. The crosshair consists of horizontal and vertical lines that intersect at the cursor. The centre of the crosshair follows the cursor while it moves across the price and data areas.  

This feature lets you align and highlight specific time, value, and volume levels. The vertical line highlights time, and the horizontal line highlights value and volume.

If you would like more detail on a specific area of the chart: click, drag and release your cursor across the chart to zoom in. 

Tip: with your cursor in crosshair mode, press the Ctrl key and use the scroll-wheel on your mouse to zoom the chart in or out.

To modify or disable the crosshair:

  1. Click Chart in the top menu of the chart window.

  2. From the sub-menu, select Crosshair type. Choose full, vertical, horizontal, or none.

In the example below, with the cursor pointing to a specific point on the chart, the horizontal line is highlighting a value, and the vertical line is highlighting a time.

Horizontal/vertical lines highlighted.

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