Looking up a chart for a symbol

To look up a chart for stock or option symbol:

  1. In the main toolbar, click Chart to open the Chart window.

  2. In the symbol lookup field, type the symbol name or company name you want to look up. To look up an option, click STK to change mode to OPT. After entering a symbol, the chart area will populate with trade data.

    The symbol’s highest and lowest prices for the default time range will be highlighted with callouts  on the chart. For line and area chart types, the callouts will represent highest and lowest closing prices. These callouts cannot be modified.

  3. Modify the (a) range and (b) frequency of a chart to analyze price movements over a specific period of time. If you select a range, the optimized default frequency will be automatically selected, relative to today's date. To learn more about range and frequency, see Chart frequency and dynamic range.

Note: if you are receiving delayed data, a market data entitlement indicator Market data entitlement indicator will appear next to the symbol lookup field in the chart window. See Market data entitlements for more information.

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