Technical studies

Technical studies let you apply statistics to charts in order to forecast future price movements of securities. These studies are grouped based on the nature of their analysis and contain parameters that you can configure.

Technical studies can be overlaid on the main chart or opened in a separate area below the main chart. Volume-based technical studies appear in the volume area below the main chart.

Below is a list of all the studies available in IQ Edge: 

  • Average directional index
  • Average directional movement index rating
  • Average true range
  • Bollinger %B
  • Bollinger bands
  • Bollinger bandwidth 
  • Commodity channel index
  • Directional movement indicator
  • Keltner channels
  • MACD with histogram
  • Momentum
  • Moving average
  • Moving average TR
  • Moving average bandsd
  • Negative directional indicator
  • On balance volume
  • Parabolic SAR studies
  • Pivot points
  • Position directional indicator
  • Rate of change
  • Relative strength index
  • Stochastic fast
  • Stochastic slow
  • TRIX
  • Volume

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