Adding or removing a technical study

Note: if there is missing or no data during regular trading hours, technical studies will appear interrupted with no data for those intervals.

Adding a technical study

  1. In the main toolbar, click Chart to open the Chart window.

  2. In the Chart window, click Studies, and select one of the following categories:

    1. Trend indicators

    2. Oscillators

    3. Support and resistance

    4. Volatility

    5. Momentum

    6. Volume

      Note: volume is opened by default and will be available under the chart's main window. You can remove any study by clicking .

  3. From the category sub-menu, select the study you want to add to your chart. The study will be added to the chart.

  4. To add another study to the chart window, right-click the existing overlaid study and click Add study on the pop-up menu. The Edit studies window opens.    

    1. In the Edit studies window, from the Add study panel, select the name of the study you want to add. 

    2. Click Add study. The selected study will appear in the studies added area.

    3. You can also customize a study before adding it to the chart window. See Editing a technical study for details.

    4. To add the study, click OK or Apply. To discard the selection, click Cancel. To remove one of the studies from the studies added list, click the X button button corresponding to the study you want to remove.

The selected technical study will be added using default value parameters. The study will appear in a separate study area below the chart, or in the volume area if based on trade volume. 

Removing a technical study

  1. In the main toolbar, click Chart to open the Chart window.

  2. Click the  beside the study you want to remove.

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