Editing a study

To edit all studies in the Chart window:

  1. In the main toolbar, click Chart to open the Chart window. 

  2. Right-click any existing study and choose Edit studies

    Tip: to edit a particular study, right-click the study, and select Edit <study name (study coordinates)> on the pop-up menu.

  3. An edit studies window will appear. Do any of the following:

  4. Click the Parameters tab. Adjust the values in the Input, MA type (moving average), Period and Num dev (number of deviations) fields by using the up or down arrow keys Up/down arrow keys or the drop-down lists.

  5. Click the Lines tab. Select the type, colour, width, and style values for the study. Select the Last value checkbox for the corresponding band in the study. To view the legend in the chart header, select the Legend checkbox for the study.

  6. Select the Show on main chart checkbox to display the study as an overlaid study within the chart area.

    an exception to this selection is any study based on volume. All volume-based studies will be added to the volume area instead of the main chart area by default.

  7. After making your changes, click OK.
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