Downloading and installing IQ Edge

It only takes seconds to get started with IQ Edge using one of the following methods:

Standard installation (EXE file)

  1. Log in to Questrade and download the installation file.

  2. Click Download and open the installation file directly from your web browser. Or, save the file to your computer, then open the file you downloaded. If you saved the file to your computer, locate the installation folder and double-click QuestradeIQEdge.exe to open it.

    Note: the steps to open or download the file will be slightly different if you're using Firefox, Google Chrome, or Safari. Refer to your browser's documentation for details.

  3. The IQ Edge setup wizard opens. Follow the on-screen instructions to install IQ Edge.

    Note: if the installation does not start, you may not have administrator rights for your computer. Please download and use the ZIP file instead.

  4. Once the wizard completes the installation, a screen appears indicating that the setup has completed. Click Finish to launch IQ Edge, or clear the Launch IQ Edge checkbox and click Finish if you want to use IQ Edge later.

  5. Log in using your Questrade user name and password.

Extracting and opening the ZIP file (no admin rights required)

  1. Download the ZIP file.

  2. The file download window opens. Click Save.

  3. The Save as dialog opens. Click Save to save the compressed zip file to your desktop.
    Note: this step will be slightly different if you're using Firefox or Google Chrome. Refer to your browser's documentation for details.

  4. The download complete window opens. Click Open folder and right-click the Questrade IQ Edge folder. Then select Extract all.

  5. The extraction wizard opens. Follow the steps in the extraction wizard to extract the files and click Finish.

  6. Double-click the Questrade IQ Edge icon to launch IQ Edge and log in using your myQuestrade user ID and password.

    Tip: to create a shortcut for IQ Edge on your desktop, right-click the Questrade IQ Edge icon and choose Send to > Desktop (create shortcut).

IQ Edge for Mac installation

  1. Click on the IQ Edge for Mac download link

  2. The file will begin downloading immediately. Open the installation file directly from your web browser.

  3. A finder window will open. Double click QuestradeIQEdge.

  4. You might be asked if you're sure you want to open the file. Click Open.

  5. Log in using your Questrade username and password. 
Please note: If your Mac is only configured to receive files from the Apple store, you'll get this message:

To stop this message from displaying for future downloads from the website, change your Mac's gatekeeper settings:

  1. Open System Preferences.

  2. Open Security & Preferences.

  3. Make sure that the General tab is selected. Click the icon labeled Click the lock to make changes.

  4. Enter the username and password into the prompt that appears and click Unlock.

  5. Under the section labeled Allow applications downloaded from:, select Anywhere. On the prompt that appears, click Allow from Anywhere.

  6. After downloading the app, return settings under Allow applications downloaded from:
    to Mac App Store and identified developers.

  7. Exit System Preferences by clicking the red button in the upper left of the window.
You can read more about this here
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