Displaying the top gainers and losers

The gainers and losers view organizes securities horizontally in the order of the highest return to the lowest, giving you an at-a-glance view of what's trending upward or downward. It also provides you with a quick count of securities that increased or decreased the most in price over a specific time period.
To display the gainers and losers view:

  1. In the main toolbar, click Market view

  2. Click  > View. Then select Security list view, Security graph view or both.

  3.  View  Description
    Security list Displays all securities as green for up or red for down, with each rectangle representing a different security. All securities are organized in the order of the highest to lowest return within the selected date range.

    Security graph Displays all the securities and organizes them horizontally in the order of the highest return on the left side and the lowest return on the right. The graph has two main areas: 

    • Security return: vertical bars point upwards and represent the security's return.
    • Volume: vertical bars point downwards and represent the total volume.
    At the top of the graph, there is a count of how many securities are up and down. 0% return securities are not shown.

  4. Select the Group checkbox, and organize the securities listed in the gainers and losers view by sector.

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