Cancelling a bracket or all exit orders

You can cancel an entire bracket order or just its exit orders if they have one of the following order statuses:

  • Accepted on primary and exit orders
  • Partial on primary order (quantity field only)
  • Contingent order on exit orders
  • Queued on primary order
For more information, see Order statuses.

To cancel a bracket order:

  1. In the main toolbar, click Account.

  2. Click the Orders tab and select Orders.
  3. Navigate to the order you wish to cancel, and click beside the symbol. You can cancel the primary order, both exit orders, or just one of the exit orders.

    Note: cancelling the primary order will cancel the two exit orders.

  4. The Cancel an order window appears. Click Yes to cancel the order.

    In this example, the primary order and the two closing orders are being cancelled.

After cancelling the order, the order status is changed accordingly. 

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