Conditional orders

Conditional orders let you set one or more conditions that automatically trigger your stock, option, or option strategy order.

You can add up to three symbol conditions to trigger your orders based on:

  • the price and trading volume of stocks
  • the price of underlying securities for option contracts
  • the price comparison of two different securities

Here are some scenarios when you may want to use conditional orders:

  • To place an option order when the underlying stock meets a specific target price
  • To take immediate action on a breakout pattern using both price and volume targets for a particular stock you’ve been watching
  • To create two orders (one to buy and one to sell) that are placed automatically when your conditions trigger, letting you exploit the price differences of correlated securities

You can also define the date and time you want your conditions to be monitored. For example, you can automate your order to coincide with an earnings report and have it trigger on that date. Or, you might want to see if a price holds near the end of the trading day for a candlestick pattern you’ve been watching to be confirmed. 

Note: all price and volume conditions are based on real-time data, regardless of your data package.
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