Practice accounts

Experience the power of trading without the risk by using an IQ Edge practice account. The free trial of the platform comes funded with a virtual cash balance of CAD $500,000 and USD $500,000.

Practice accounts include:

  • Full access to our practice trading environment
  • Support for two account types: margin and RRSP with USD $500,000 and CAD $500,000 cash balances
  • Previous-day market data with real-time streaming quotes
  • Level 1 and level 2 quotes, as well as time and sales market data
  • Ability to trade stocks and options
  • Order entry features such as buy, sell, order type, order duration, etc.
  • Simulated order executions, including order validation, short order fills, and synthetic order fills
  • The data used is an exact replica of the previous trading day's data; it is then replayed in cycles to make the demo available outside of market hours
  • Dynamically updated charts
  • Ability to reset all created positions, cash balances, executions, and activity

Note: the practice platform is for trial purposes only. It is a simulated trading environment where no real capital is being risked. Although every intention was made to replicate the live environment as much as possible, the demo version may not perform exactly like the live version.

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