Introduction to Intraday Trader

When active traders are looking to make investment decisions, it is important to have a real-time view of the price action and know which instruments are “Set Up” to move. This kind of information is crucial for active traders looking to get in or out of an investment at the right price, or for hyper-active traders looking for intraday trades. 

  • Intraday Trader can help active traders get real-time notifications of Intraday Events™ using pre-defined criteria. Intraday Trader also allows traders to tailor their Intraday Event setups to show them what they want to see, zeroing in on opportunities they’re more likely to trade.  
  • Intraday Trader is an investment tool to help active traders make informed decisions to get in or out of an investment at the right price, or to help hyper-active traders looking for intraday trades. With the guided, interpreted experience, your skill level with technical analysis doesn’t matter.
  • Intraday Trader allows you to choose or create events that are important to you, and specify what watchlist you want to cover, and monitor the event throughout the trading day.  With Intraday trader you don’t just cover more ground, you cover the right ground.
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