Monitor intraday events as they occur

For active traders, having the tools to be able to closely monitor stocks throughout the day is key.

  • The main screen in Intraday Trader is the Event dashboard. This page displays a summary of all intraday events within the setups you’ve included on your radar.
  • If you want more focused results from the particular setups you’ve created, choose the On My Radar tab. From here, you can see all of your event setups – as well as a few defaults that can be deleted or edited.
  1. For this example, from the list of event setups in the Event Dashboard, we’ll focus on Big Mac (Bearish). It is the last event, occurring at 16:00 with the symbol UNH. You can also see the price it’s trading at and the target price.

    Note: the target column will only have a value when the criterion within your event setup includes a classic chart pattern.

    To the right, you can see the full company name and a chart displaying the result of that particular stock.

  2. To get more detailed information, go to Commentary. This live commentary explains the intraday event in detail. You can view up to 20 days’ worth of information, and get details on why the event was identified. For this stock, the event was picked up because it is a bearish flag pattern.

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