Add an alert

  1. Enter the email address to receive your alerts in the Email address field and click Save. This will become your default email address. You can enter a new address at any time.

  2. Enter the ticker name in the Ticker field. You can select the ticker name from the auto-suggest list that appears as you enter the name, or continue to enter the name manually.

  3. Select the type, operator, and value from the drop down menus.

  4. Select the Active checkbox to toggle your alert on or off. You will not receive an alert if the checkbox is not selected.

  5. Click Add alert.
You can edit your alerts at any time by selecting Edit and changing your parameters. Click Save when you are finished.

You can also choose to deactivate an alert by clearing the active checkbox for that ticker, or you can choose to delete the alert by clicking Delete under the action column. Once deleted, you will no longer receive email alerts for that ticker symbol.

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