Home tab

The home tab compiles the latest market news from all areas of Market Intelligence into one convenient dashboard. From the home tab, you can quickly view:

  • Top gainers and losers from Canada and the U.S.
  • Latest stock and market news
  • Important dates related to the markets
  • Commodity futures
  • Market indices for North America, Asia and Europe
  • The U.S. market barometer
  • Saved screeners

In addition, you can perform these actions:

  1. Click View all, View more, or More... at the bottom of a summarized section to quickly navigate to the relevant tab.

  2. Click any symbol or company name in the home tab to pre-populate the symbol lookup field and sub-tabs on the research page.

  3. Click any stock news or market news link to view the story details under the news tab.

Note: as data in the home tab refreshes, the data will briefly flash red to indicate a negative movement, and green to indicate a positive movement. It will flash grey to reflect changes in volume.

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