Understand the growth search filter

The following table describes all the criteria found in the snapshot search filter.

Criterion Description
Net inc growth % 5 yr The growth in an equity’s net income on a percentage basis.
Revenue growth % 5 yr The growth in an equity’s revenue on a percentage basis.
EPS TTM The growth in an equity’s earnings per share from continuing operations on a percentage basis.
Total ret % (Daily) Expressed as a percentage, a calculation of total return is determined each month by taking the change in monthly net asset value, reinvesting all income and capital gains distributions during that month, and dividing by the starting net asset value (NAV). Reinvestments are made using the actual reinvestment NAV, and daily payoffs are reinvested monthly. Both current and month-end returns are provided.
Daily market price change $ The change in price of a security, from the closing price on one day, to the closing price on the following trading day.

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