Understand the portfolio search filter

The following table describes all the criteria found in the portfolio search filter.

Criterion Description
# of holdings The net number of holdings in the portfolio.
% Asset in top 10 holdings
The aggregate assets, expressed as a percentage, of the fund’s top 10 portfolio holdings. This figure is a measure of portfolio risk. The higher the percentage the more concentrated the fund is in a few companies or issues, and the more the fund is susceptible to the market fluctuations in these few holdings. Cash and cash equivalents are not included in the calculation.
Style box
Rates bond funds on their sensitivity to interest rates as limited, moderate, and extensive measured by the average effective duration of the fund’s holdings (horizontal axis), and their average credit quality as high, medium, or low based on letter (or alphanumeric) credit ratings of bond holdings by third party credit rating agencies (vertical axis). The nine possible combinations of these characteristics correspond to the nine squares of the style box.
Denotes whether the ETF is leveraged.

Tip: to learn more about a label, hold your mouse pointer over the help icon that appears next to the label.

Use the slider bar at the bottom of the criteria to adjust the range you would like to view. Click Reset to go back to the default selection.

The tabs on the right will update to display the results as you modify the criteria. Use the pagination tool at the bottom of the tab to navigate through multiple pages of results.

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