Understand the valuation search filter

The following table describes all the criteria found in the valuation search filter.

Criterion Description
P / E TTM A fund’s price/earnings ratio can act to gauge the fund’s investment strategy in the current market climate, and signal whether it is oriented toward value or growth. Companies in industries enjoying a surge of popularity tend to have high P/E ratios, reflecting a growth orientation. More settled industries tend to have low P/E ratios, reflecting a value orientation. Negative P/Es are not used and any P/E greater than 60 is capped at 60 in the calculation of the average.
P / E fwd The most recent stock price divided by the mean earnings per share (EPS) estimate for the current fiscal year.
Div yield %  TTM This percentage is calculated by dividing total dividends by the current price and multiplying by 100. The total dividends are calculated using the most recent month-end; not the most recent fiscal quarter.
P / B val TTM The price-to-book ratio compares a stock’s per-share price to its book value (shareholders’ equity). This ratio, expressed as a multiple (i.e. how many times a company’s stock is trading per share compared to the company’s book value per share), is an indication of how much shareholders are paying for the net assets of a company.
P / S TTM This ratio represents the weighted average of the price/sales ratios of the stocks in a portfolio.
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