The StockTwits window integrates the StockTwits social media feed into IQ Edge. You can view stock and market related tweets, link and track symbols from your watch lists, and share charts from IQ Edge directly into the feed.

You can sort data streams into the following categories:

  • Stocks
  • Username
  • Suggested
  • Trending
  • Charts
  • Following (must be signed into StockTwits to view)
  • ST watch lists (must be signed into StockTwits to view)
  • Mentions (must be signed into StockTwits to view)
If you have a StockTwits account set up (it’s free), you can also share the following content directly from IQ Edge:

  • Send messages to the feed or to other users
  • Attach an image from your computer to your message
  • Attach a screenshot of any chart windows you have open to your message
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