The screener window lets you scan the markets for stocks and options that meet specific criteria for price and trading volume. Conduct research for securities and find trading opportunities that are sometimes difficult to spot. Then, drill down further by customizing your results using a variety of filters and sorting options.

Here’s an example. If you’re interested in options, you can analyze data for option contracts and the underlying securities. Some of the filters available to you are:

  • Implied volatility (IV) and historical volatility (HV)
  • IV rank and HV rank
  • Total option volume (all calls and puts)
  • Total open interest (all calls and puts)

The screener window also allows you to:

  • Open multiple, popular, pre-set screens to rank stocks and options based on volatility, volume, trading activity, and open interest
  • Select a screening universe to filter by stocks, options, indices, ETFs, securities categorized by sector and industry, or securities in your watch lists
  • Select pre-set column views to display screening results
  • Add additional filters to narrow your search results
  • Save your favourite screeners with the filters that interest you the most so they’re waiting for you in the platform

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