Sorting and filtering your results

Sort and filter your results in the screener window to customize what you see. You have the following options:

Sort or filter item Description 

Screening universe

Select a category of securities to screen:

  • All symbols
  • All optionables
  • All stocks
  • All indices
  • All ETFs
  • Sector and industry
  • Personal watch list
  • Public watch list

Stocks or Options 

Click to view results for stocks or options in the screener universe.

 Rank by

Select a data point to rank the results of the screener universe.

Ascending or descending

Select your results to list in ascending or descending order.


Select how many results to list in the screener window.


Select the markets you would like to view (i.e., All markets, Canadian, U.S.). You can also use the checkboxes to add and remove specific markets.

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