Elements of an option quote

A typical option quote will contain the following elements:

Element Description Example

Underlying stock

Security that must be delivered when an option contract is exercised. C


Number of option contracts the option owner will purchase.

In this example, 100 shares will be purchased since one standard option contract equals 100 shares.


Date at which an option owner can exercise their right to buy (or sell) shares of the underlying stock. Apr 05 2013


Price at which the option owner can buy (or sell) the shares. 46.00
Type Gives the owner the right to buy (if a call is selected) or sell (if a put is selected) a specified number of shares.

One standard option contract = 100 shares
One mini option contract = 10 shares
Price Premium paid or received to buy or sell one option contract. The premium is calculated per share.

In the screen above, the buyer of the option would need to pay $70 ($0.70 premium x 1 contracts x 100 shares) to purchase a call option on the underlying security.
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