Getting an option quote

The options window allows you to get an option quote for a given security.

The level 1 area (a) displays the latest quotes and volume of trades, previous closing prices, and number of shares at the bid and ask prices. 

The option chains area (b) displays various information depending on the selected strategy, including the strike price, last trade price, change price, bid price, ask price, trade volume, and open interest.

To get an option quote:

  1. In the main toolbar, click Options to open the options window.

  2. Type a symbol and select the option filters:

    Option   Description
    Symbol  Type a symbol name. You can select the symbol from the auto-suggest list that appears, or continue to manually enter the symbol name.

    Tip: you can change the default symbol that appears in the quote details box by changing your global symbol in the user preferences.
    Option type or strategy  Select the option type or strategy you want to display in the option chains area:


    For more information, see Option types and Option strategies.
    Option filters  Select your option filters. 

    • Option expiry: choose from near, far, all expirations, or an individual expiry date. 
    • Number of strikes: display the selected number of strike prices closest to the underlying symbol's last price for each expiration date.
    • Strike interval filter: define the spread amount between the strike prices for a strategy quote. The value cannot be negative. A value of zero means the strikes are the same for all the legs of the strategy.
    The strike interval filter is only available for the following strategies:
    • Vertical
    • Diagonal 
    • Strangle
    • Butterfly
    • Condor
    • Iron butterfly
    • Iron condor

Tip: you can quickly place an options order directly from the options window. In the options chain area, simply click the Ask or Bid price to launch the order entry window with the symbol name, expiry date, strike price, and strategy auto-populated.
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