Types of quotes

IQ Edge provides several types of quotes to suit your needs. Access to the following quote types is based on your subscription level:


All clients are entitled to delayed data streaming for all exchanges, usually with a 15-minute delay. A delayed market data indicator Market data entitlement indicator will appear next to the symbol lookup area to indicate when you are viewing delayed data for any given symbol.  


By upgrading your subscription level to either the enhanced streaming or one of the advanced streaming packages, you can obtain real-time streaming data for symbols traded on U.S. and Canadian exchanges like the TSX, TSX-V, NASDAQ, NYSE, NYSE Arca, and NYSE Amex.

After upgrading your subscription, you will begin to receive real-time data streaming for all the exchanges covered under your current data plan subscription level. The real-time streamed quotes will refresh automatically as the market data changes, providing you with precise, up-to-date data to help you make smart investment decisions. 

Snap quotes

The Snap quote button lets you get free instant quotes for any symbol, allowing you to make crucial investment decisions based on current data. A snap quote displays the bid price, bid size, ask price, ask size, last price, and the time of the last trade.

You can use Snap quote or upgrade your subscription level to gain unlimited access to real-time data for the exchange of your choice.

Important: Questrade provides our clients unlimited snap quotes as a free service. Usage must be within Questrade’s terms and conditions of acceptable use. Any abuse of this service, including but not limited to market data (quote) harvesting, could result in restricted market data access. For full details, please read the End-user license agreement.

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