Modifying the general user preferences

The General tab in the user preferences window allows you to modify or disable the global symbol, edit the time format, and enable or disable tooltips, snap quotes, and more.You can also restore installation defaults, reset all warning dialogs, or even change the platform's theme colour.

When you have finished adjusting the settings, click OK to apply the changes or Cancel to discard them.

Setting Description

Global symbol

Select the checkbox to enable the global symbol. When selected, the the symbol you set in this field appears when you open a new window with a symbol lookup field (e.g. order entry window, level 1 window, chart window, etc.).

Show symbol history Select this checkbox to display the ten most recently quoted symbols when you hover over the symbol lookup box.
Show symbol lookup Select this checkbox to enable the auto-suggest list when you you enter a symbol name.

Note: by default, this checkbox will be selected. You can clear the checkbox to disable the auto-suggest list, but Questrade recommends that you leave this feature on for an optimal user experience.

Display Select how you want to view the positions under the positions tab. Choose from Only open positions or Open and closed positions


Show tooltips

Choose if tips should be displayed when you hover over program features - select on (check mark) or off (no check mark).

Auto-save layouts Select this checkbox to ensure your layout is automatically saved.
Show snap quote Select this checkbox to display snap quotes. 
News and insight  
Show news icon  Select this icon if you want the news icon to be displayed beside symbols you have in your watch list and positions summary.
Show ratings icon Select this icon if you want the ratings icon to be displayed beside symbols you have in your watch list and positions summary.
Show latest news for Select the default range for the news you want to see in the News and insight window. Choose Today, 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month, 3 month or 6 months.
What's new   
Show me only when there are new updates Select this option to display the what's new window only when there is new content. 
Show me every time I login  Select this option to display the what's new window every time you log into the platform.
Don't show me again  Select this option to never display the what's new window.
Time format
Choose how times are displayed - choose either 12-hour or 24-hour format.
Negative numbers Define if a minus sign or brackets display for negative numbers. For example: -$1,234 or ($1,234).
Include commas Define if commas are shown for large numbers. For example: $12000 or $12,000.
Restore installation defaults Click Restore installation defaults to restore all settings back to their factory default settings.
Reset all warning dialogs Click Reset warning dialogs to enable all warning messages that you may have disabled by selecting the Do not show this again checkbox in warning messages that have appeared.
Choose dark, light, or blue. 

Note: if you choose a different theme, you will need to restart IQ Edge before it takes effect. If you do not restart the application immediately, your changes will be applied the next time you log in.

To learn more about this feature, watch this video

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