Adding a symbol to a watch list

To add a symbol to a personal watch list:

  1. In the main toolbar, click  to open the Watch list window.

  2. Click  and choose Personal. Then select the personal watch list you want to add the symbol to. To create a new personal watch list see Creating a new watch list.

  3. Type the symbol name or company name in the symbol lookup field, and select the stock or option symbol you want to add from the auto-suggest list that appears.

    After selecting the symbol, the symbol will be added to the watch list automatically.
Tip: to add a symbol from a public watch list or another personal watch list, right-click the symbol you want to add. Click Add symbol to watch list on the pop-up menu, and then select the destination watch list. To select multiple symbols at once, press and hold the Shift or Ctrl keys on your keyboard while clicking on each symbol row.
Unable to add a symbol to the watch list?
Check our FAQs for tips on troubleshooting.
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