Importing a watch list

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You can easily import a list of ticker symbols and add them directly to a new or existing watch list. Any watch list you import must be initially saved as a comma separated value (CSV) file. For instance, files created in Microsoft Excel or Notepad would be examples of a CSV file.

  1. In the main toolbar, click Watch list.

  2. The watch list window opens. In the top right corner, click  and select Import symbols to watch list.

  3. Then choose the watch list you want to import the symbols into, or import the symbols into a new watch list. In this example, we're importing the ticker symbols into a new watch list.

  4. In the Import symbols window, do the following:

    Field  Action
    Watch list name Type the name of the new watch list.
    Select file  Select this option if you want to import a list of ticker symbols contained in a CSV file. Click , and select the CSV file you want to import.
    Enter symbols  Choose this option if you want to manually enter the symbols one at a time. Ensure you separate each symbol using a comma. For example, AAPL, MSFT, FB.

    To enter option symbols, use the following format: <Ticker symbol><DDMMMYY><Call or put><Strike price><Canadian exchange, if applicable>. For example, AAPL20Sep14C87 OR THI17JAN15P58.00.MX.   

  5. Click Add to add the symbols to your watch list.
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