Sorting data in a watch list

You can sort data in your watch list window in ascending, descending, or in a custom order of your choice:

  • Ascending or descending order – By default, a watch list’s symbol data is sorted in descending order based on the symbol column, but can be sorted based on any visible column.

    To change the sorting for an active watch list, click any Watch list column header in the watch list window. Use the arrow icon Arrow icon next to the selected column header to toggle between ascending or descending order.

  • Custom sorting – Organize the symbols in any order you wish. Any

    changes to the default sorting order will be saved globally across all IQ platforms. That means any custom sorting you do in IQ Edge will be reflected in your watch lists in IQ Essential, IQ Web and IQ Mobile. 

    To custom sort in a watch list, click Customize  on the toolbar, and select Edit default sorting. Then choose a symbol and use the Move up or Move down buttons to change the default order.

Tip: to revert to the original sorting, click Customize  on the toolbar and select Restore default sorting.

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