Workspaces and layouts


IQ Edge allows you to easily organize a custom set of windows and tools like your account window, order entry window, chart, and watch list in one area called a workspace. You can also create multiple workspaces with different sets of windows and tools and easily navigate between each workspace.

For example, you may want to have your stock charts open in one workspace, while you may want to have another workspace populated with just your watch lists.

Tip: you can resize any window in your workspace to maximize your screen space.


All workspaces can be conveniently saved on your computer as one layout for later use. When layouts are saved, the last state of the platform will be retained. This includes the following areas:

  • Workspaces (including the active workspace and all open workspace tabs)
  • Windows that are open within each workspace, including floating or pinned windows
  • Account bar selection
  • Columns for all open windows and columns that were set as default
  • Settings for all windows
  • Sort criteria for all grids
  • Position and state of the account bar and toolbar
  • Linked window states
  • Default watch list
  • Chart studies and chart study settings
  • Chart drawings and chart drawing properties
  • Form fields (e.g. specific date ranges in the execution tab)
The following settings will not be saved: 

  • Toolbar location
  • Size of toolbar icons
  • Account bar selections
  • User preferences

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