Customizing the account bar

The account bar lets you select a trading account (if you have more than one) to view a quick summary of your balance and profit and loss (P&L) information. You can customize the information displayed in the account bar to suit your preferences.  

All changes you make to the account bar settings are saved and will become the default.

 Account bar fields

Field Details
Accounts Select the account containing the balances and P&L information you want to view. The account selection menu contains all the accounts that you are authorized to trade with.  

Note: the account you choose in the account bar is for summary purposes only and does not affect other account selection areas in the platform (e.g. the order entry window). To choose a default account for all other areas, go to File > User preferences > Order entry and select a default account from the drop-down menu.
Balances Choose the account balances you want displayed:

  • Cash (CAD, USD, CAD combined, USD combined)
  • Total equity (CAD, USD, CAD combined, USD combined)
  • Maintenance excess (CAD, USD, CAD combined, USD combined)
  • Buying power (CAD, USD, CAD combined, USD combined)
Your selection will be identified with a checkmark.

For details about each balance type, see Checking your current balances.
P&L Select either your open or closed P&L. To learn more, see View your profit and loss figures.
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