Reviewing your positions

The investment screen allows you to display all assets you own for a selected account. You can quickly look up your account holdings by asset class or symbol, and view your profit and loss balances for your held investments.

To view your investments:

  1. In the left navigation menu, click My portfolio and select Investment summary

  2. Change the report date to view an account summary for a different day.

  3. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen to view your positions summary. The positions screen lists all your investments. 

    Field   Description
    Symbol Name of the security in an abbreviated format, otherwise known as the ticker symbol.

    Acct # Account number in which the position is currently held.

    Curr (currency) The currency of the security (CAD or USD)
    Cost basis
    • Original (OG): the original total amount paid to purchase a security, including any transaction charges related to the purchase.
    • Book (BK): the total amount paid to purchase a security. This includes any transaction charges related to the purchase (adjusted for reinvested distributions), returns of capital, and corporate reorganizations.
    • Market value at [date] (MV): the value of securities at the time they were transferred to your Questrade account.
    • Non-determinable (ND): this security is not included in your % portfolio calculation because the cost basis cannot be determined.
    A group of securities that share similar characteristics.
    Asset class  The type of security (stock, ETF, option, etc.)
    Qty (quantity) Number of shares owned for a specific security.
    Cost/share  The cost to purchase the security divided by the quantity. 

    Pos cost (position cost)  The cost to purchase the security. 
    Mkt price (market price) The most recent quoted price for the security.  
    Mkt value (market value)  The market price multiplied by the amount of shares invested.
    P&L (profit and loss) The market value, minus the position cost.
    %rtn (% return) The profit and loss value, divided by the position cost.
     % port (% portfolio)  Value of the security, divided by the value of all owned positions in your account. Short positions are not included in this calculation. 

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