Chart components

When you open a chart for a security, you will see the following items:

Item Description
 (a) Add comparison field

Compare securities and benchmark indices by entering them in this field. They will automatically be added to the chart.
 (b) Chart options and research tools

You can modify the chart and cursor type from the Display drop-down menu.

On mobile devices: tap .

You can add the following to your chart:

  • Security events 
  • Indicators 
  • Fundamental studies 
  • Chart drawings 
 (c) Refresh button

Click or tap the refresh button to remove all changes made to a chart.
 (d) Export button

Click or tap the export button to download an Excel spreadsheet of your chart. 
 (e) Date range and time frequency

Select a time period for your chart and frequency for how often to view price updates.
 (f) Security and price information

The top of the chart displays the security symbol and the price and percentage change for the selected time period.
 (g) Price axis
Represents the price of the security.

 (h) Time axis

Represents a time-frame for times, dates, months, and years for the selected time period. 
 (i) Volume bar

 Displays the trading volume of the security.
 (j) Date selector

 Use to modify the visible range of the chart.
 (k) Price data unit information 

 View price and trading volume information for the security. 

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