Adding or removing a drawing to a chart

Note: this feature is only available in the enhanced chart view. To learn more, see Chart views.
To add a drawing to your chart:

  1. Click or tap the Drawing drop-down menu.

    On mobile devices: tap 

  2. Select a drawing tool. 

  3. Click and drag your cursor over the chart area to create a drawing.
To adjust or resize a drawing:

  1. Click or tap the drawing to activate it. 

  2. Click and drag an activated drawing to adjust its location.

  3. If a drawing has start and end points highlighted, you can drag and drop these points to resize the drawing. 

  4. Clicking anywhere except on the drawing itself will deactivate the drawing.
To remove a drawing
  • Click or tap  next to the drawing. 
Tip: you can also click or tap the reset button  to remove all drawings and other changes to a chart.
Note: only Fibonacci retracement levels and Ellipse drawings can be resized.
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