Historical chart data

Once you open a chart for a security, it will display the current and historical prices. If you don’t subscribe to an enhanced or advanced data package, you can update the current day price in the chart by clicking or tapping the snap quote button .

Customize the chart data by selecting a date range and time frequency.

  • Select a date range using the pre-defined Range buttons (a). 
  • After setting your range, adjust the time frequency of your data by using the Frequency drop-down menu (b).
  • You can input specific dates using the date fields (c). The frequency field will only show values compatible with the selected date range.
Note: depending on the screen resolution of your mobile device, you may not be able to view all date range and time frequency options. 

Note: chart data will be delayed (usually by 15 minutes), unless you have subscribed to the enhanced or advanced data packages. 

To learn more about the available data packages, see Data plans on Questrade.com. 

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