Orders tab columns

You can customize the data that's displayed in your orders tab by editing the displayed columns. Default columns contain an asterisk (*). 

Column Description
Symbol* The ticker symbol for the security.


The current status of the order.


Indicates if you have a buy or sell order.

  • Buy (long equities) – BUY
  • Sell (long equities) – SELL
  • Short (short equities) – SHRT
  • Cover (short equities) – COV
  • Buy-to-Open (long options) – BTO
  • Sell to-Close (long options) – STC
  • Buy-to-Close (short options) – BTC
  • Sell-to-Open (short options) – STO


The amount of shares/contracts requested for the order.

Fill qty*

The amount of shares/contracts that have been filled.

Limit price*

The limit price for the order, if applicable.

Stop price*

The stop price for the order, if applicable.

Fill price*

The price you paid or received for your order.


The length of time the order stays active until it is filled or expires.

Order type*
The order type you used (e.g., market, limit, or stop).

Time placed*
The time at which you placed the order on the platform.

Bracket ID
The unique identifying number for your bracket order.

Brkt ord Identifies if the order is a primary, limit, or stop-loss order from a bracket order.

Cross zero ID The unique identifying number assigned by us to each cross zero order.

Days to exp
The number of days until your options contract expires.

The full name of the security. 

Exchange ID
The unique identifying number assigned by the trading venue to each order.

Expiry date

The date your option contract expires.

Strategy type

The type of multi-leg strategy for your option contract (e.g., covered call, married put, condor call, etc.).

Option type

Identifies whether your option contract is a call or put.

Order ID

The unique identifying number assigned by us to each order.

Parent ID
The unique identifying number assigned to a primary order that has multiple related orders (e.g., bracket orders, trailing-stop orders).
The preferred trading venue to send the order to.

Security ID

The unique identifying number assigned to the security.

Special inst

Identifies any special instructions for the order.


The price at which your option contract can be exercised.


The alternative trading venue to send the order to if the primary exchange is unavailable.
Total fees

The sum of all commissions, SEC (Security and Exchange Commission) fees, exchange fees, and ECN fees charged.

Trigger price 

The price the order was/will be triggered at.

Updated time

The last time the status of the order changed.

The exchange or ATS (alternative trading system) the order was sent to.

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