Checking balances

Checking balances

To check your account balance, click or tap Account button in the left navigation menu and click or tap  to open the balances tab. On mobile devices, tap  and select Account. You can view all your balances for the selected account.

Note: to view balances for a different account, select a different account from the account drop-down menu at the top of the screen.

By default, the balances tab displays current balances. To view balances as of the start of the current day, click or tap Start of day.

Current and start of day balances

Current and start of day balances are displayed as Canadian (CAD) and U.S. (USD). The combined total of CAD and USD for cash, market value, total equity, maintenance excess and buying power, valued in Canadian dollars and U.S. dollars will be displayed in the respective CAD (combined) and USD (combined) columns.

You have four choices when viewing your balances:

  • CAD: Canadian dollars

  • USD: U.S. dollars

  • All in CAD: the approximate total cash in your account shown in Canadian dollars (U.S. dollars are converted to Canadian and then included in the total)

  • All in USD: the approximate total cash in your account shown in U.S. dollars (Canadian dollars are converted to U.S. and then included in the total) 

You can view the following individual account balances:

  • Cash: the total cash available in your account. For registered accounts, it is the amount that you can immediately withdraw or use to buy securities. An amount in red indicates a negative amount that is owed on the account.

  • Market value: the current value of your investments. 

  • Total equity: the total value of your positions and cash.

  • Maintenance excess: the maximum amount you can use to buy securities without available margin. For registered accounts, this is the amount of cash available to buy securities.

  • Buying power: The maximum amount available to buy securities. For margin accounts, this includes borrowing funds to buy securities on margin. For more information, see Questrade Margin Centre.

Profit & loss

The profit & loss sections displays Open P&L, which displays your unrealized profit or loss figures for positions in your account.

Daily orders

The daily orders section displays all open and open orders for the current day. For more information about orders, see Viewing all orders or open orders.

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