Viewing positions and position details

Viewing your positions

  1. In the left navigation menu, click or tap Account.

  2. On mobile devices: tap  and select Account.

  3. Click or tap the Positions tab. 
Note: to view positions for a different account, select a different account from the account drop-down menu at the top of the screen.

Within the Positions tab, you can view a pie graph showing the distribution of your positions within your portfolio. You can view these figures in Canadian or U.S. dollars. You can also manage the information you see for your positions by adding and removing columns. See Position columns for details.

Note: manual position adjustments made by us will not be reflected in the platform until you refresh your browser. 

The price column will be calculated differently, depending on the market hours and the type of position that you currently hold (long or short). 

Please refer to the following table for details:
Market hours Held position Displayed value in price column 
Pre-market hours Long or short position Last close price
Standard market hours Long position Bid price
Standard market hours Short position Ask price
Post-market hours Long or short position Last trade price
Weekends/holidays Long or short position Last close price

Viewing position details

To view details about any position you currently hold, click or tap the symbol name in the Positions tab. The position details box opens.

In the Positions details box, you can:

  1. Review the level 1 data summary. For more information about the fields included in the level 1 data summary, see Level 1 quote columns

    Tip: click or tap Buy/Sell to open the order entry window to buy or sell this security.

  2. View your profit and loss amounts for this position. You will the see the following figures: 
  • Open P&L: The total unrealized profit (or loss) for this position.
  • P&L day: Today’s unrealized profit (or loss) for this position.
  • % P&L: The total unrealized profit (or loss) for this position expressed as a percentage. 
The individual profit and loss breakdown for each position is also displayed in the Open P&L and Closed P&L columns in the positions tab. Get more quote details of the position by clicking or tapping .

Tip: you can add a position's ticker symbol to a watch list by clicking  or tapping the watchlist icon
Note: you can view additional position details by customizing the information displayed in the Positions tab. For more information, see Customizing viewable columns in tabs.
Important: if you hold a position for a security that's undergoing a re-organization, a non-marketable security indicator will appear next to the symbol name to indicate that the symbol cannot be quoted or traded. For more information, see What happens when a security is categorized as untradeable?
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