Stock and option quotes

Delayed or real-time streaming data (depending on your market data subscription) is available by default in all quote areas of the platform.

Snap quotes

You can get up-to-the-second quote data, regardless of your market data package, with snap quotes. Snap quotes are available in the following areas:

  • Stocks tab
  • Options tab
  • Order entry gadget
  • Watchlist gadget
  • Level 1 gadget
  • Position details box
  • Order details box

To get snap quotes in a watchlist or level 1 gadget:

  1. After adding the gadget to your sidebar or browser (see Modifying the layout), click or tap at the top of the gadget.

  2. Select the Snap quotes checkbox.
  3. Click or tap to refresh the gadget with real-time data.

    Note: gadgets are only available on screen resolutions above 600 pixels. To learn more about gadgets and how to use them, see Modifying the layout.

To get snap quotes from the stocks tab, options tab, order entry gadget, position details box, or order details box:

  • Click or tap  to refresh your quotes with real-time data.
Tip: get real-time streaming market data by subscribing to one of our enhanced or advanced market data packages. Visit the Select data package page to learn more.
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