Modifying or cancelling open orders

You can modify orders to change their parameters without having to manually cancel or create a new order. You can only modify open orders that are:

  • Accepted
  • Partial (quantity field only)
  • Queued

For information about each order status, see Order statuses.

To modify an order:

    1. In the main toolbar, click Account to open the account window.

      Tip: you can also navigate to the Orders gadget if you have it open.

    2. Click the Orders tab and select Open orders

      Note: if the order you want to modify does not appear, verify that the correct account you used to place the order with has been selected at the top of the screen. 

    3. Navigate to the order you want to modify, and click the Modify order  button. The modify order window opens. Previously defined order entry parameters will be enabled for modification. 

       if an order has already been partially filled, you will only be able to modify the minimum quantity field.

    4. Modify the parameters as desired, then click Send order.

      Based on your settings under user preferences, a confirmation message with a summary of the modified order may appear.  

    5. Click Send order to proceed, or Cancel to cancel the modification.
Once the order is successfully modified, the order status will change to replaced.

If you view a symbol with a modified order in the Orders tab, you can see the following information:
  • The order details of the last executed/accepted trade of the symbol.

  • The Order ID: the ID of the last executed/accepted trade of the symbol.

  • The Parent ID: the ID of the first order of the symbol that was modified. 

    To view each order associated with that symbol, click   beside the symbol name.

    If you would like to modify the columns to view in the account window, see Order columns.
Note: if the open order you are modifying is filled while you are entering modifications, an error message will appear when you click the send order button indicating that the order cannot be modified.

For partially filled orders, if the modified quantity is less than the filled quantity for the order, an error message will appear when you click the send order button indicating that the filled quantity is greater than the quantity you just modified. In the orders tab, the filled quantity column will display the partially filled quantity.

Multiple or closed orders cannot be modified.

Modify order request will not be accepted for live orders during pre-market and after hours trading.
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